About Us

I have been an insurance agent and advisor in North Alabama for thirty years.  For almost 28 years I was a “captive” agent which meant I only represented one primary company.  Two years ago I became a fully licensed “independent” agent / broker so that I would always have the companies and contacts to help my clients regardless of their situation.  No two people are alike and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to proper financial planning for the families who trust me as their advisor.  Being an independent advisor enables me to help more people with their insurance and financial services needs.  The reason I love my job is that I have the opportunity on a daily basis to become a trusted advisor, mentor and coach to my clients.  Every family has unique needs and I take pride in helping people find affordable solutions to their particular needs.

You and I will work together as a team to get you the best solution and price for your insurance.  I fully embrace modern technology but still do some things the old fashioned way.   We will sit down face to face either in my office or your home to visit and get to know each other.  During this meeting I get to understand your needs and wants and then and only then am I in a position to make recommendations.   

We are building YOUR plan and you need to be involved in the process from beginning to end.  Once we have completed our due diligence I will recommend a plan of action just like I was assisting my own mother or father.  This is the beginning of what I hope with be a long term mutually beneficial relationship.  I want to be your advisor, coach, mentor and friend.